Best Solo Travel Destinations 2023: Real Solo Travelers Love These

Charm and beauty, culture and adventure await in these destinations recommended by solo travelers.

Solo Traveler publishes articles that are specifically for solo travelers. This is our expertise. We are not generalists. We are specialists. Solo travel is all we write about. So, along with contributions from our readers, we are pleased to offer the best destinations for solo travelers as recommended by real solo travelers. Below are great places to go alone.

Anyone can be a solo traveler. The destination that is right for you depends on who you are, your interests, physical abilities, financial resources, time available, and travel experience.

That last point, travel experience, is especially relevant in determining a great destination for solo travelers. If you’re an experienced traveler, all you have to do is get used to handling everything yourself. If you are new to travel and new to solo travel, there’s more to learn and you’ll want easier places to go alone.

It is because there is not just one kind of solo traveler that we call upon our readers to help determine a variety of “best” destinations for solo travelers. This list is not the subjective view of one writer. It is compiled with the help of many solo travelers. Join over 260,000 members of the Solo Travel Society to share your experience and opinions as well.

The list of solo travel destinations below is broken into two categories, one for those who are new to travel and one for experienced travelers. Obviously, anyone can use either; these lists are just a guide.

The really great thing about this list is that the destinations are all solo traveler tested.

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Places to Go Alone for New Solo Travelers

The white sand of Dover Beach

1. Barbados for Beach-loving Solo Travelers

Two readers recommend Barbados for a solo trip, touting beautiful ocean views, beaches, snorkeling, and friendly locals. Euronews has declared it a hot spot for 2023. There are many festivals including the Oistins Festival celebrating the local fishing industry every Easter, the Crop Over Festival for the end of the sugar cane harvest in the summer, and the Barbados Food and Rum Festival in October. Read Solo Travel Destination: Barbados.

The Irish Cabaret at Taylor’s Three Rock

2. Dublin, Ireland for Celtic-loving Solo Travelers

Dublin is a destination that any solo traveler will love. The city and its people have their own, welcoming personality. If your heritage reaches back to Ireland, you’ll love the Epic Museum that shows the influence of the Irish diaspora internationally. If it’s just a bit of fun you’re looking for, you can’t beat Irish Whiskey, Guinness, and guided pub crawls. Literature? It’s there too. Dublin is a great place to go alone. Read Solo in Dublin: A Fantastic Destination to Explore.

3. The Antarctic Expedition for Adventure-loving Solo Travelers

Since you can only go to Antarctica on a formal expedition or cruise, this magnificent trip recommended by one of our readers makes it onto the list for best destinations for new solo travelers. As she says, “Exploring Antarctica is the trip of a lifetime! … While it is very expensive, it’s ideal for solo travelers, because many ship operators offer shared cabins.” Read Solo Travel Destination: Expedition Cruise to Antarctica.

Beach at Canal d’Amour, Corfu.

4. Corfu for Greek Culture and Beach Culture in One

Corfu, one of the most popular Greek islands for visitors, is part of the Ionian island group in western Greece and is easily accessible from Italy and Albania. This reader shares how she visited Corfu and why she enjoyed it so much. Solo Travel Corfu: Exploring an Ionian Island.

England’s Lake District.

5. England’s Lake District for Nature-loving Solo Travelers

This was one of my first destinations as a solo traveler and it was absolutely perfect. I got there by train from London and stayed in Ambleside for a week. I walked the fells every day, went to the pub at night, and connected with the locals. It was relaxed and yet interesting. Read Plan Your Visit to the Lake District.

Nashville, Tennessee

6. Nashville, Tennessee for Music-loving Solo Travelers

There’s no such thing as bad music in Nashville. A mecca for musicians of all kinds, even the most touristy of honky-tonks on Broadway have fabulous musicians. Many of them play at the Grand Ole Opry on a regular basis, which is another option you can consider. But there’s more in Nashville. There’s the Country Music Hall of Fame, sporting events to go to, a great food scene, and more. See Affordable Nashville: 32 Free and Low-cost Tips.

Best Destinations for Experienced Solo Travelers

All the destinations listed above are great for all solo travelers. However, if you are an experienced solo traveler you may want to go to more challenging places with cultures and languages that are unfamiliar and/or where English-speakers are less available. Below are trips that are all solo traveler tested a great places to go alone.

Guide explains the history of the Kaymakli Underground City. Photo credit: George Kourounis.

7. Turkiye for those Who Want Beaches and History

Forbes added Türkiye as one of the 5 hot destinations for 2023. As a solo traveler, this destination is more of a challenge than most due to its decidedly non-western language and culture. But that’s also what makes it great. At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it offers delicious food, fascinating history, ancient ruins, as well as gorgeous beaches and sweeping landscapes. How interesting it is whether you explore it as an individual or on a group tour as King did. He has some tips for you here: First Solo Trip to Turkiye? How to Enjoy it Above & Below Ground.

8. Egypt for those with a Fascination with Ancient Civilizations

Egypt made National Geographic’s list for 2023 and, given that King visited recently, it has made ours as well. The Avenue of the Sphinxes in Luxor opened just last year, and Giza’s Grand Egyptian Museum is expected to open this year. It will feature the full collection of King Tutankhamun and many other artifacts from ancient Egypt. Read about King’s experience here: Exploring Cairo: Sandstorms, Surprises, and a Sphinx.

Split, Croatia.

9. Italy, Slovenia, Croatia on a Three-country Road Trip

This is an exciting road trip into Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy. As a road trip in unfamiliar territory it is challenging but so worth it. Slovenia and Croatia are still emerging destinations and this trip takes you through parts of Italy that are not on most itineraries. Read Planning a Road Trip Around the Adriatic: Slovenia, Croatia & Italy.

HIking in Patagonia, Chile.

10. Patagonia, Chile for Nature Lovers of all Hiking Levels

Chile is a great destination in South America. Santiago is sophisticated with an excellent transit system, wonderful restaurants, and great public spaces. From there, I traveled by bus to Puerto Montt to take the Navimag Ferry to Patagonia. Chile is an easy stretch for experienced solo travelers. Here are Tips for Solo Travel in Patagonia.

Bundi in Rajasthan, India

11. Rajasthan, India for a Deep Cultural Experience

I will never ever forget my trip to India. It was an amazing experience. Challenging, yes, but rewarding in many ways. I gained a real appreciation for how different a culture can be. It was likely the most dramatic culture difference I have ever experienced and yet it was not that difficult. I also changed my way of eating. I became vegetarian. Read Complete Guide: Places to Visit in Rajasthan.

Solo hiking is a wonderful experience whether in wilderness or on well-used paths.

Best Solo Destinations to Match Your Travel Style

Before getting into specific destination suggestions, some of the best places to go for new and experienced solo travelers, I want to point you to guides we have written with destinations for particular travel styles.

What you want to do, or what you need to do, can affect which destination is best. This is why we have written a variety of posts that zero in on destinations for relaxation, to save money, to stir your creativity, and more.

These posts will give you suggestions for places to go alone that might be more appropriate given your particular needs or interests.

Budget Solo Travel – Best Budget Destinations for Solo Travelers: 2023 Shortlist Every year we do a lot of research and update this list. In doing so, we consider the cost to get there, costs on the ground, and safety issues. We provide suggestions on different continents.

Relaxing Destinations – Relaxing Places to Travel Alone: Water Destinations Sometimes travel is intense and we need a holiday from our holiday. Not the destinations suggested in this guide. Most are recommended by our readers. They are places you can go for relaxation and return renewed.

Solo At the Beach – Going to the Beach Alone: How to Manage Your Stuff, Relax & Enjoy This is a companion piece to our water destinations guide above. It’s hard to relax if you’re worried about your stuff. This post will help.

Travel Solo into Nature – Solo Hiking: What You Need to Know to Hike Alone Solo hiking can be relaxing and energizing at the same time. However, it requires a bit more thought than your typical relaxing holiday. This post gives you what you need to know to hike alone, including tips for packing, gear, and great destinations.

Ancestry Travel – Discover Family Heritage through Travel Understanding your family history is about understanding you. Here’s your guide to ancestry travel and your family heritage.

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Last updated: 17th April, 2023

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