Solo Traveler Reader Survey Results: What You Had to Say

Our 2022 Solo Traveler Reader Survey results are in! We received a total of 1,558 responses this year. For a site our size, that’s a huge number and significant enough for the travel industry to look at the results and take note!

Solo travelers are an important segment of the travel market.

Our thanks go to all readers and a special thanks to those who took the survey. We also want to recognize and thank Overseas Adventure Travel for their support of the survey and their long-term support of Solo Traveler.

We are a small team of four at Solo Traveler and we have to use our time wisely. With your input, we can. And while we may make changes to what we deliver, our goals remain the same. We aim to serve solo travelers with:

  • Inspiration
  • Information
  • Advocacy

We try to make sure that every decision we make, every post we publish, and every project we take on serves at least one of these priorities.

Here are some of the results.

The demographics of the respondents to our survey do not reflect the readership of Solo Traveler. For this reason, we have presented some of the results in two groups: those under 55 and those over.

Why, How & Where You Want to Travel Solo

As you can see above, we’ve dug into the Reader Survey results to see the difference between travelers over and under the age of 55. It should be noted that the sample size of those over 55 was six times the size of the one under 55.

When asked about travel styles, 79% of those under 55 say they travel independently compared to 67% of those over 55.

However, when it comes to including group travel as part of their travels, 39% of those under 55 said that they participate in group travel and 61% of those over 55 join a group. Taking in all respondents, 59% do group travel. Yet, when asking about escorted tours rather than group travel, the overall percentage of those taking escorted travel at least some of the time, jumps to 88%.

As for spending habits, most people in both demographic groups indicated that they typically spend $1,000 to $2,000 on a week of travel, excluding airfare. Beyond this group, those under 55 are more inclined to spend less and those over 55 are inclined to spend more.

From all of us at Solo Traveler – Tracey, Simon, King, and Janice – our heartfelt thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience.

In addition to the Reader Survey results, you can find more information, industry research, and trends here: Solo Travel Statistics and Data: 2020-2021.

Last updated: 12th December, 2022

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